Satellite Imagery

Wiser has wide-ranging experience in the acquisition, processing, and exploitation of satellite data for the generation of value-added products. We have an extensive background in extracting digital information from commercial satellite imagery and generating a multitude of products at various scales. We are able to achieve high accuracy levels using this data source and depending on the requirements and business needs of your project, a satellite solution could be the best option.

We offer photogrammetry and mapping solutions using the best commercially available satellite imagery. We use our photogrammetry experience with traditional imagery to provide quality, large scale photogrammetric mapping products from satellite imagery.

Satellite imagery provides not only current and recurring aerial imagery (24 hour revisit) but it also is collected as full color or multispectral 50 cm pixel resolution, in both 2D and 3D formats creating traditional orthoimagery products and DEMs. Satellite mapping is ideal for change detection studies or large site resource monitoring or volume studies.

Acquisition Platforms
  • Commercial Satellite Data
  • MicroSatellite Data
Example Applications
  • Large Scale Orthophotography Production
  • Mission Planning
  • Change Detection
  • Disaster Relief Response

Point of Contact

Philip Patterson
Geospatial Solutions

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