Project Description

Wiser will provide an Airspace Analysis Survey that conforms to FAA advisory circulars AC150/5300‐16a, 17b & 18b. The planned method for analysis will utilize aerial imagery and photogrammetric techniques. We will also supplement the aerial data with field survey by providing survey control, aerial targeting and check points for QA analysis. Imagery acquisition will be captured using a DMC II digital large format camera.  The aerial mission will include 11 flight lines with a total of 261 images. Imagery will have a minimum of 60% forward overlap and 30% side lap with a sun angle of no less than 30 degrees. Imagery acquisition will be during leaf‐on season in accordance with FAA regulations.

Deliverables for the topographic mapping will include digital files in ArcMap10 compatible format. The mapping will be conducted to provide Stereo extracted features of  Horizontal‐1’ Vertical‐0.5 accuracies.