Joint Operations Graphics (JOG)

Project Description

Our Spatial Technologies Group (STG) was awarded work  to produce Feature Data coverage of 2 full Joint Operations Graphics (JOG) areas at a 1:250k scale from client furnished satellite imagery. This data will then be utilized to produce cartographic products for aeronautical operations or ground operations mission support. Our expertise in stereo extraction from past projects made us highly efficient in this large and complex project. We were responsible for review of Government Furnished Information (GFI), digital 3D feature extraction, Quality Control (QC) and quality checks of data, GIS finishing of feature data and metadata, and final delivery of data in ArcGIS 9.3 personal geodatabase GIFD_D4 schema and/or shapefiles.

All deliverables were sent to the client at or ahead of agreed upon schedule date. This included minimal reworks including first time right deliveries. Communication between client and vendor proved vital in this task for both parties to achieve the above mentioned accomplishments.


City Graphics


Project Description

Wiser provided feature data and contours to support the creation of City Graphics of 14 cities for use in Urban Atlas map series.  City Graphics are a large scale map products used to support ground vehicular navigation and general purpose tactical planning for ground combat in urban areas.  City Graphics collection areas are associated with moderate to dense populated areas focusing around established transportation networks and recognizable navigational reference markers.

Features were extracted to meet a 1:12, 500 final production scale in accordance with client specific guidance.  Features are extracted using the latest commercial satellite imagery.  The extracted data was augmented by client furnished information including previous edition geographic feature data and database information.